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Dive into Episode #884 of the InnerFight podcast with Rich Fitzgerald from Lovin’ Dubai as we uncover the inspiring story behind the brand’s journey to success. Rich tells us the story about how it all started and shares insights into overcoming challenges and driving growth in the world of social media!

There’s been an unprecedented trail of death and destruction on both sides since the Palestinian militant group Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel last weekend. Thousands are dead, many more are injured, neighbourhoods have been destroyed and normal life has ground to a halt. We’re joined by Richard Fitzgerald, CEO of Augustus Media, publisher of th… Link

Join us for an inspiring conversation with Richard Fitzgerald, on how he struggled but built @LovinDubai, through passion, determination, and a hustle mindset. Learn how he was able to grow his media company and Lovin Dubai from a co-working space to a company that turns over 7 figures in dollars every year. Tune in now🔥

An interview with Richard Fitzgerald about the upcoming Arab Irish Business Forum.

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In this interview, the CEO of Lovin’ Dubai, Richard Fitzgerald, discusses the importance of emotive content and how to deal with controversy in the media world. He discusses the skills necessary to start and run a media organization, and how he would do it if he started again today. YouTube Link. 

In this episode of The Change Officer Podcast’s Step Conference Special series, host Ivan Zeljković sits down with Richard Fitzgerald, the CEO and Founder of Augustus Media. Richard shares the story of how Lovin Dubai, a blog and social media outlet, grew into a Middle Eastern digital media company with a mission to be the ‘New Media’ company of choice in the region. Richard talks about his background as a Regional Social Media Director at Mindshare for the MENA region and how he left his high-paying job to pursue his passion for creating community and offering relevant information to local people. He emphasizes the importance of gathering an audience before thinking about making profits in the new media landscape. The conversation then turns to Augustus Media’s expansion into Lovin Saudi and Smashi, a business news network streaming live from the heart of the Arab world. Richard highlights that Smashi is not just about business news but is also broadcasting live local sports events, which has helped them gain even more subscribers. Throughout the episode, Richard emphasizes the importance of innovation and breaking the mould in marketing communications to generate profitable growth. He also shares his vision for Augustus Media to continue evolving and adapting to the perpetually changing media environment. If you want to hear about the challenges and successes of building a digital media company in the Middle East, tune in to this episode of The Change Officer Podcast’s Step Special series with Richard FitzGerald of Augustus Media. Enjoy! 🎬 

For this episode, we were joined by Richard FitzGerald , CEO & Founder of Augusts Media. He’s the man behind all your favourite Lovin’ platforms! 😍
Tune in to hear all about the struggles and wins of rapid growth, how to succeed in the content creation industry and a lot more. Spotify link. 

In Episode 5 i speak with Richard FitzGerald, founder and CEO of Augustus Media (especially known for Lovin´ Dubai) about life and business. How do you go about creating a brand page for a City like Dubai, and what does the future hold? Spotify link. 

Richard Fitzgerald is a successful entrepreneur and he’s the CEO & Founder of Augustus Media, @LovinDubai , @lovinsaudi , @SMASHITV many more. He runs an award winning modern media company in the UAE and KSA. In this EP, Richard discusses his background, how he started , experiences and how he built this mega successful brand! He also reveals many life & business lessons that he’s never shared before!

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What is better than having one guest? Having Two. In this episode, Richard, known as the CEO of loving Dubai,  and Rami, known as a Financial Startup Lawyer,  dive deep into their lives, sharing their career journeys, and the road to entrepreneurship. In addition, having Rami and Richard coming from a Law and a Media background respectively, we wanted to provide you value on how different career paths stem from the same core values which are explored in this episode.

Richard is the CEO and Founder of Augustus Media, publishers of Lovin DubaiLovin Saudi and Smashi TV. He has worked in the media and advertising space since 2006, and we discuss his journey in depth during this episode. 
We also go into his learnings and mistakes during his entrepreneurial journey and his advice for anyone starting a new business. We talk about how to prioritize different tasks in our life and how each person’s process is and should be unique. Finally, we dive into the endurance athlete in Rich and how training and competing overlaps into his professional life.
This is a different episode for sure, but one with a lot of key lessons you can learn from. I sure did! Spotify link. 

Richard FitzGerald is the CEO & Founder of We Are Augustus Media (Also known as Lovin Dubai, Lovin Saudi, & Smashi TV). YouTube link. 

At this point almost everyone has Instagram. If you are in Dubai or Saudi, I am pretty sure you have come across Lovin Dubai, Smashi, or Augustus Media.

Some pretty interesting pages with a ton of added value, they are direct, to the point, you got to the page, learn something new and go on with your life. That is what I call value. BUT who is the mastermind behind those pages?

Well let me introduce the CEO & Founder Richard FitzGerald.

What is his story? How did he come across doing what he does? What was his mindset that got him to where he is now? What were some of his challenges? What is his definition of success? What drives him to always want to create more?

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Those are to name a few.

On episode 4 of #AnInsideViewPodcast we are joined by Richard Fitzgerald – CEO and Founder of Augustus Media (publishers of Lovin Dubai, Lovin Saudi and SMASHI TV). Spotify. 

The man behind Lovin Dubai! Viral articles. A strict mission statement. A digital savvy idea. OT sits down with Richard Fitzgerald to find out more about the business that dominates activities in Dubai and other countries across different industries. Listen to the story behind how Richard harnessed his skills and created such a powerful and impactful media company. They also speak about OT’s new passion: Cycling! #WeCauseCulture

Hosted by OTReem, and Akkaoui, the Dukkan Show is brought to you by the audiophiles at Dukkan MediaSpotify link. 

An interesting chat with Richard CEO & Founder Augustus Media (Lovin Dubai, Lovin Saudi, Smashi), about media, constant changes, working in the region, the role of press and more..

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We’re chatting with one of the most dedicated entrepreneurs in the UAE.

Richard Fitzgerald is a passionate new media evangelist, on a mission to deliver fast paced, quality content and editorial to a growing audience in the region – through the channels becoming most native to us all. Spotify. 

Richard is CEO and Founder of Augustus Media, an award winning modern media company in the UAE and KSA, publishers of Lovin Dubai, Lovin Saudi and Smashi. He has worked in the media advertising space since 2006 at agencies in Ireland, England and the UAE. He successfully built a regional Social Media department at Mindshare MENA before becoming Managing Director of a creative technology start-up. In 2015 Richard launched Augustus, a ‘new media’ company, with Lovin Dubai, Lovin Saudi and Smashi TV, and which was recognised as Best SME Company in the 2018 MENA EFFIE Awards. In 2019, they added ODEUM, a content studio. YouTube. 


In this episode, we sit down with Richard Fitzgerald, who is the CEO and Co-founder of Augustus Media, which owns the Lovin DubaiLovin SaudiSmashi TV platforms. We discuss:

  1. News platforms- what it means to the public and how they prefer to access and interact with it

  2. The media industry in the Middle East vs. global markets

  3. How to monetize and promote media platforms

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Richard is the CEO and founder of Augustus Media. He came to UAE in 2012. On September 1st 2015 he founded Lovin Dubai. It’s one of the most popular media platforms in the region. They have over 1.5m followers on their social media accounts and 25m monthly reach. Richard has a podcast where he hosts interviews with entrepreneurs. He is an active sportsman and is frequently involved in triathlons. YouTube link. 

Richard Fitzgerald talks about the power of new media, social media marketing and online brands. If you have a personal or business brand Richard will let you in on some interesting facts that will help you grow and thrive in 2020.

Richard Fitzgerald is the founder of Augustus, Lovin Dubai & Lovin Saudi and knows a thing about social media marketing and online brands. What did you think?

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#StartupSunday Episode 40: Richard FitzGerald, Founder of Augustus joins Will Hutson in the studio! #Startup #Series #LovinDubai #TeamLMTD تابعونا في القصة 40 من #سلسلة “ستارت اب سانداي” مع ويل هوتسن، حيث نستضيف ريتشارد فيتزجيرالد، مؤسس “لوفن دبي”. #شركة_ماشئة

This week we have the man behind the Lovin’ brand (Lovin Dubai, Lovin Saudi) and founder of Augustus Media, Richard Fitzgerald. During this podcast we talk about the state of New Media and how the consumption of content is constantly changing. We also discuss socialand publisher platforms, as well as their roles in this new emerging world.

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